This is my vespa. I like it because it's a fast design, and connects me to my Grandad who was from Italy but went to Brazil after the 1st World War. It's really useful in London, and helps me to get around. It's much better than public transport or travelling by car, because I'm not affected so much by the traffic. I like the way Vespa keeps the old style design, the engine is pretty good and the fuel is cheap. It's perfect for me, it gives me freedom around London.


I first saw one of these at a family friend's house in Australia, and I loved it from the moment I saw it. It was cheap, and came from a homewares store in Australia, but they were all sold out when I tried to find one. I told this story to my fiancé when I came back to England, and he actually went online and secretly found one and bought it for me as a present. I'm sure the shipping was more than the object itself, but it was such a sweet gesture, and that's why I love this pinapple. It's kitsch, it's cool, and it's a little bit tacky in the best possible way. It's just great!


This is the May Day Light designed by Konstantin Grcic, and produced by FLOS in 2000. It's a relatively inexpensive light which is one of the reasons why I like it. It's got this great handle which means I can hang it, or wrap the five metre cord around it easily. It's really versatile, and I guess it's called 'May Day' because it's a play on the origins of that phrase which means 'help me'. This is a light which can help you greatly because it's versatile, multi-functional in the way you can use it. I also like it because it was given to me by a friend as a surprise present. I cherish it and use it every day, moving it around my living room according to what I need to do.


I've chosen my phone because it's extremely important to me and has great functionality. It's extremely portable so I can take it wherever I go. I especially use it to contact my friends with whatsapp, and to take pictures, to watch videos, to see the news, the weather. I can do so many things on this tiny phone that I take everywhere with me, and it's really helped me to be more independent.

chen nan xian




zhao bei



lit liao

young lady

V&A Museum
Design Society Exhibition

The V&A Gallery approached MadeGood Films to produce an exhibition piece entitled Show & Tell, in which participants talk about what objects mean to them, for the new Values of Design exhibition in Shenzhen. Filmed on location in London and Shenzhen, and currently on display in Shenzhen.

Participants were asked to speak about objects of value to them, and explain why they thought they were special. The objects were not necessarily valuable in a monetary sense, but might be functional, or meet a specific need. Often, the participant chose their object of value because it had a sentimental value, and sometimes the object had no monetary value, or practical use whatsoever.

It's a cultural podium for China to show its creative drive to the world and to nurture its quest for international inspiration.

Design Society

Design Society is housed in the Sea World Culture and Arts Center (SWCAC), and oversees its cultural operations. Located in the Sea World coastal city complex in Shekou, Shenzhen: it is designed by renowned architectural studio Maki and Associates, led by Fumihiko Maki. The elegant white stone building features three cantilevered volumes, opening up horizons to the surrounding mountain, sea and city, symbolizing Design Society’s role to become an important cultural interface between China and the world, and its ambition to explore new frontiers for design.
Design Society will be a major attraction for Shekou for a long time to come, and a beacon for Shenzhen in its efforts to position itself as a Design City. At the same time, it will take a leadership role in positioning design as a key factor for societal, ecological and economic renewal in China, providing a powerful innovation agenda.


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