At The Unity Gym Durham, Paul Hubba is raising thousands for charity through white collar boxing

7th November 2018

The Unity Gym is located in County Durham, with an open door policy for all levels, whether you just want to get fit, train a martial art or train to fight in local, national and international competion.

Paul Hubber

Old time friend of Gary Crooks and equally respected in the community, Paul Hubber works at the more spacious and better equipped Unity Gym in Durham. Fighters wanting a little more are referred to Paul for expert training, though will typically continue to train at Gary’s Bearpark community gym in parallel. Working like a tag-team partnership, Gary and Paul regularly lean on each other to provide their fighters with the professional and emotional support they need.

Paul grew up with a reputation as a fighter more outside of the ring than in, and worked an honest job as a supermarket security guard. Much like Gary, Paul’s intentions were always good, but it wasn’t until he found the Unity Gym and became a boxing coach that he really started having an impact on peoples lives. One of Paul’s activities in the gym is preparing novice boxers for their first 3 round fight at a quarterly Ultra White Collar Boxing Event. So far Paul and the Unity Gym have helped raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for cancer research, and turned countless peoples lives around in the process.

More from Paul’s interview at the Unity Gym Durham.

“Growing up in Durham in the 90’s in Sacriston, if someone asked you out for a fight you couldn’t say no. You just can’t, or you’re a coward. Word got round that I was an alright fighter and when someone asked, you’ve just got to go outside with them. There was a heroin epidemic in the area at the time and I didn’t even have a lock on my shed. Nothing ever got touched, do you know what I mean? But I’ve never stolen anything in my life, and I’ve done a lot of good in this community. I wouldn’t class myself as a criminal, I know a lot of policemen who are more dishonest than I am. And nobody really asks me to fight any more because I’ve got a alright reputation as a decent person. My Nanna had a saying before she died, “If you fly with the crows you get shot with them”, and it’s true isn’t it? If I went down the bus station now and started drinking cider, or taking heroin or cocaine, I’d be much more likely to get into trouble than I would if i was sitting here talking with you.”

Paul coaching at The Unity Gym Durham | MadeGood
Fighters from The Unity Gym Durham, prefight | MadeGood
Screenshot 2019-11-05 at 18.14.40 | MadeGood
Gary from Bearpark gives Paul a hug, in The Unity Gym Durham | MadeGood
A student from The Unity Gym Durham is victorious | MadeGood
Paul from The Unity Gym Durham hugs one of his fighters, Glen, post fight. | MadeGood
Paul from The Unity Gym Durham talks to one of his fighters, Glen, post fight. | MadeGood

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