29th August 2018 by Will Stewart

After miraculously surviving a stabbing attack, Hananel David is faced with overcoming his PTSD to become a paramedic and pass along the gift of life that has been given to him.

As violence sadly continues to rage on in the Middle East and throughout the world I hope that people are able to turn their heads to the helpers risking their lives and putting others before themselves. Rather than focusing on the hate, I believe it’s this kind of selfless kindness that we need to focus on spreading in order to begin to heal this world.

Made by

Director - jake oleson
Director of Photography - Todd Martin
Animation - Casey Drogin
Executive Producer - Matt Mclaughlin
Producer - Alon Simcha
Producer - Christian Silberbauer
Israel Producer - Ronny Merdinger
Production Assistant - Rony Cohen
Sound - Ronen Geva
Original Score - Matthew Kidd
Sound Design -">One Thousand Birds
Color - Carlos Flores



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