The Perfect Sheet: An interview with Director Travis Wood

28th March 2019

An eye inside an art form you may not have even known existed. Travis Wood interviews unsung hero of the ice Brian LeDuc to get the inside story.

We asked The Perfect Sheet director Travis Wood a few questions about this film, and his creative process in general. If you’d like to see your film on, then please feel free to make a submission.

MadeGood – Looking at your other films on Vimeo, you have a very eclectic style; animation, puppets, skate videos, documentary. Tell us a bit about your background, and how you got into film making.

Travis – I started out making skate videos and after about a decade of doing that, I started to try more narrative projects. Skate videos are pretty much a one person crew, so my style grew out of thinking, what can I make by myself and with minimal resources. This led into building mini sets for puppets, animations and short docs.

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MadeGood – Is making short films a career for you, or do you do something else to pay the bills? Do you have any ambitions to make a longer film, or a bigger budget short? If the resources were available, what sort of film would you ideally be working on?

Travis – I spend most of my time making short films. Some commissions help with that but I also work a lot of freelance film gigs. Down the line, I’d love to make a feature but I’m pretty content with shorts at the moment. I like to go with a flow of creating whatever inspires me at a given time, so there’s not a definite long term dream project in mind, but I do have a long list of possible projects and ideas. Ideally, right now, I would do an animated comedy series with extra focus on visual style.

MadeGood – Please tell me a bit more about your relationship with Brian LeDuc, the ice cutter in the film. How did you meet him, and what made you want to make a film about him? You’ve found a great little story here, I’m just curious how that came about?

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Travis – Brian and I grew up skateboarding together. I hadn’t seen him in a while but I was visiting home and met up with him, he was pretty much talking non stop about the Zamboni. He showed me some go pro footage he had shot and from there I just started meeting him at work. I had originally thought the film would be more process oriented and focus on the ice but it quickly became all about his passion and patience on the job.

MadeGood – What are your influences as a film maker, or are you just making these films as your creativity dictates?

Travis – I watch a ton of shorts on Vimeo, so I’m just always getting excited by a new style or story and those influence me a lot. It’s most inspiring to watch videos by other young artists where the end product is a little more raw and the process is more tangible. Overall Spike Lee is for sure my favorite director, he’s got the stories, the style and he seems like a great guy.

MadeGood – What are you working on next?

Travis – I’m currently working on a commissioned puppet project called Fucking Rich, it’s a short in a similar style to Kayla in 1A. It’s going to be part of The Eyeslicer season 2!

MadeGood – Thanks Travis. Fuck Rich sounds intriguing, can’t wait to see it!

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