Speaking in Voltages: Interview with Director Guillermo Irriguible

12th June 2019 by Will Stewart

I watch a lot of short films trying to select some good stuff to share on this blog, so I quite enjoyed watching this film that I thought was presented a little differently. The subject is analogue-electronic musical instruments, so it’s fitting that it’s shot entirely in analog format film. A true feat in today’s digital world. Great little story, and a really nice soundtrack. well worth a watch.

We were lucky enough to be able to ask directer Guillermo Irriguible a few questions about his film, and also about being a film maker. If you’d like to see your film on MadeGood.tv, then please feel free to make a submission.

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MadeGood – Please give me a bit of background on yourself as a film maker, and how you got into film making. Is Speaking in Voltages a typical example of your work?

Guillermo – I’ve been a professional and self taught video editor since 2013-2014. Music has been a part of my life since I was born. Performing or just messing around with it. So combining both talents I think is the reason that I’ve also become a filmmaker. To me, a film or video, has to be very well made in both audio and image department, like 50-50. And on the other hand, as a filmmaker, I consider part of my journey the search of powerful images and soundtrack that blend together in harmony. I consider Speaking in Voltages my first truly little film as a director, with the visuals, edit and artistic style that I want to own and keep as a creator for the future.

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MadeGood – How did you find out about Pin Park? I notice you there is quite a lot of film photography on your instagram page- did you want to make this film out of a love for analogue, or did you find Pin Park through your original love of analogue? Or was it a mix of the two?

Guillermo – Im a very romantic person who is really hooked into the analog world. I have to understand and master the digital era for both my professional and personal life. And I do. But in terms of work and creation tools, is where analog fills a gap that I didn’t notice until I shot my first super 8 footage and my first 35mm roll. Maciej Polak is the founder and CEO of Analogia.pl, an analog gear workshop from Sopot, Poland, where they repair and give vintage synthesizers back to life. As I said before I play and compose music myself, so Im really passionate into analog and vintage synthesizers. Thats where I met MP, buying from him a beautiful serviced Korg Polysix that I still keep and play in my studio. We continue to talk about gear and synths, and he was a very friendly and honest guy from the very beginning. So at some point, it just came to me; Maciek’s job and life was very cool indeed. He talked me about his band Pin Park which played and performed experimental electronic music with this rare suitcases from space called EMS Synthi, one of the most legendary synthesizers around. It was all too much genuine to not making a film out of it.

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MadeGood – Having never shoot footage in film myself, how was it making a movie completely shot on film? It seems quite scary to me! Do you empathise with what Pin Park talk about when working with analogue instruments, even though your medium is visual, not audio?

Guillermo – Yes, It was crazy scary indeed! hahaha. I had little experience on super 8 by that time but ZERO experience with 16mm. Fortunately here is where Maciek Baczyk, second former of Pin Park, came to place. MB it is also a very talented professional and educator on audiovisual, specially analog material. He borrowed a 16mm ARRI-S camera from his university back in Wroclaw. Shooting with 16mm on a camera that was older than me, was one of the most funny and stimulating situations that I’ve ever lived creatively speaking. So yeah, I not only empathise with Pin Park, I consider them my friends and kinda mentors to me.

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MadeGood – The film is about two musicians, and fittingly the sound design and music is great. How much involvement did you have in this aspect, and do you feel like the audio led the story telling in anyway?

Guillermo – I have an eraser script with me all the shooting. But sometimes we just went with the flow. I shot all the better I could, since I had only MB as 1AC and my ex-girlfriend doing a little bit of everything. Thats HOW underground this movie is. But I really really love the way it became and turned to be. For the soundtrack I just asked the guys for a lot of beats and then cut and edit some of them.

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MadeGood – What are you working on next?

Guillermo – I am focusing on making money as a video editor, since Barcelona is crazy expensive lately. So first come first. As a filmmaker I just did a full S16mm music video for local artist Sara Sambola, and Im currently editing the second music video for my own experimental band called Antarctica Apartment. I am basically losing money directing things nowadays hahahaha.

MadeGood – Thanks so much Guillermo! Can’t wait to see your next music video. Hopefully you won’t go broke before it’s finished…

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Director - Guillermo Irriguible
Music - Pin Park



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