16th April 2018 by Will Stewart

I don’t want to put you off watching this film but I have to be honest, it’s hard hitting and a little disturbing. I grew up in Dalston which is just round the corner from Stanford Hill in East London, which is where this film is set. I’m familiar with the site of Hasidic Jews, but I don’t really know much about their community. This film is about a young man struggling to find out who he is, and rejecting the strict culture bestowed on him. Eye opening, well written and very well acted.

Made by

Writer/Director - Billy Lumby
Producer - Cheyenne Conway
Exec Producer - Josh Appignanesi
Cinematographer - Paul Özgür
Editor - Michael Aaglund
Sound Designer - Dario Swade
Composer - Gunnar Óskarsson
Composer - Stuart Earl
Music - M.M Schneerson
Music - Lipa Schmeltzer
Music - Shlomo Carlebach
Visual Effects - MPC



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