Quality Time: An Interview with Director Matt Sav

21st March 2019

A psychedelic, beautifully colourful and slightly dreamy portrait of Perth’s last neon bender. Directed by prolific music video maker but first time documentary maker Matt Sav.

We caught up with film maker Matt Sav and asked him a few questions about Quality Time. If you’d like to see your film on MadeGood.tv, then please feel free to make a submission.

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MadeGood – This is your only film on Vimeo- tell us a bit about your background and how you got into film making. Surely it’s not but I have to ask; is this your first film?

Matt – I am a graphic designer turned graphic designer/photographer, turned graphic designer/photographer/film maker/creative director. I turned to film to get off the computer and to collaborate more. I love working with a team to make something. I am an amateur musician and have been since I was 13, so I have by default worked a lot in the music industry. I make a lot of music videos. I think I have made around 40 in the last few years. Quality Time was my first non music related video project.

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MadeGood – How did you get to know Benjamin, the neon bending apprentice in the film? What made you want to make a film about him? Was it purely a personal project our was there another reason to make it?

Matt – I met Ben when I was doing the photography and visual marketing direction on an Art Festival in Perth. He was doing a lot of the performance install and we got chatting. He is a super passionate and lovely man. I was drawn to his story in neon and him as a person, he just has a very warm and kind vibe and wild style. I was also fascinated by the process and product that is neon. I had no idea until talking to Ben, how analogue the whole process was. I wanted to apply for a small film funding opportunity, and Ben lived in the area that the funding body was based, so my film concept came under the funding guidelines.

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MadeGood – The film looks really great, very beautiful and colourful. Some of it looks to be shot on film (super 8mm at a guess?), was this a deliberate nod to the analogue aspect of Benjamin’s work, or did you just think the look would work well?

Matt – Thanks! Yep we shot on RED, Super 8mm and Super 16mm. It was a deliberate nod to the analogue aspect of creating neon. In my funding application I made a comment about how film has a similar magic to it that neon does. A chemical process that can’t be completely replicated. Every piece is a one off.

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MadeGood – The sound design and music is fantastic, really adds to the light and dreamy feel of the film. Please tell us a bit about your working relationship with the musician/sound designer.

Matt – I worked exclusively with Perth / Fremantle based musicians because there is an abundance of incredible music that comes out of my city that is rarely heard. The patrons of live music in Perth don’t know how lucky they have it! I used some unreleased tracks by a person called Basic Mind. He is an incredible electronic producer that I was blown away by live and he is extremely underrated. I just asked him if I could use some tracks and he said yes. I also worked with Ned Beckley on sound design. They have two studios, Equate Studio and Envelope. I have known and loved Neds work for a long time. I made a music video a few years ago for one of his tracks. He makes a lot of film and performance sound design, and I felt like he would vibe the project. I also used some of Benjamin Witts music who I think is also incredibly underrated. I have worked with Ben on some photos for his project a few times and he has made a bunch of largely unheard of albums that are so clever and inspiring musically. I really love finding new music and it has such an important part to play in everything I make.

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MadeGood – What are you working on next?

Matt – I have a few music videos in pre and post production, a video for an incredible non profit clothing company called ‘NORTH’ is also in post and I am working on some fun in studio stuff with an old friend to promo his new album. At the moment I am also currently looking for commercial representation so if you know anyone who is interested! *Winks*
My big longer term goal this year is to develop my first fictional short. I am itching to work with more actors, dialogue and sound design.

MadeGood – Nice one Matt. Can’t wait to see the next one!

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