Namibia — The Cuban women’s boxing revolution

8th February 2018 by Will Stewart

The tale of Namibia, Cubas female boxing champion. Or at least she might be if it was legal. The colours of Cuba are cut magically to picture and music in this mini portrait of a determined athlete.

Maceo Frost was born in Sweden to artistic parents, and started making films from the age of 11. He’s made a career out of making films about people all over the world.

Made by

Director: Maceo Frost
Director of Photography: Lionel Cabrera
Executive Producer: Raymond Van der Kaaij
Executive Producer: Jesper Pålsson
Production Company: Revolver
Production Company: Made by Forest
Producer: Klaudia Gainza
Producer: Filip Kiisk
Editor: Andreas Arvidsson
Color: Oskar Larsson
Title design: Robert Norgren
Sound Design: Jorge Olivares Rivas
Music: Spectrum Trio



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