Mistico: An Interview with Director Carlotta Manaigo

13th April 2019

Unmasking one of Mexico’s most notorious Luchadores, the sporting stars who blend fierce fighting with outlandish fiction

We asked director Carlotta Manaigo to tell us a bit about the making of Mistico. If you’d like to see your film on MadeGood.tv, then please feel free to make a submission.

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Carlotta – The idea of the video came about after a fun night out with friends during a photographic assignment/ work trip in Mexico city. I had been to MX city several times and always been fascinated by the colorful masks of the Lucha Libre as part of the Mexican culture. We went to the show one night and had a chance encounter with Gala Lutteroth, who is the grand daughter of the Founder of Lucha Libre, Salvador Lutteroth. Gala, together with her family, still runs the Arena. I mentioned to her my idea to follow a day in the life of one of the luchadores and chose Mistico as I was left quite impressed by his physical abilities and presence on stage. So we went back , with a very small crew and very very limited budget. We all wanted to make it a fun personal project and we all put a lot of effort in it.

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The filming took a little less than a week, but we were filming only a few hours a day, depending on Mistico’s availability. We went location scouting and had fun visualizing all the surreal scenes, we wanted to show the double side of his character, Mistico as the super hero but also Mistico as the man behind the mask. I have to say that he was lots of fun to work with, I am guessing we transmitted our excitement to him because he was very willing and patient. All the Luchadores that appear in the video were very cooperative, some are his family members or friends, his girlfriend also appears in the club scene, it felt really like an intimate show.

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I studied Fine Arts and have a career as a photographer, I am quite new to moving images. I have discovered a new passion as it’s a great way for story telling and it allows me to do my favourite things in life which is traveling and meeting interesting people. Mistico is definitely a project that is very representative of my vision, it has a strong visual and fashion element, a mix of reality and staged elements. The sport theme is key, as a vehicle for self expression but also as the representation of a subculture. I am planning to continue in this direction.

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