In Hoxton Street there is a traditional East London community divided by Brexit, gentrification, and rapid change

World Press Photo Award winner Zed Nelson talks to us about Brexit and a divided community in East London, ahead of the release of his debut feature film, The Street.

Bluefin Tuna Auctions rules explained in Japan's oldest fish market, Kyoto

Naka san came to work in Kyoto’s Tambaguchi Market as soon as he left school, and spent he next 40 years climbing the ranks to become Kyoto’s most successful and well respected auctioneer. Now retired from that role Naka san works a less stressful job in the market offices, but remains a big personality on the market floor.

Zed Nelson talks about Gun Nation, Love me, and A Portrait of Hackney

Nelson describes himself as a documentarian looking for simple stories, but who in doing so has been drawn into increasingly complex, disturbing worlds. The wide ranging interviews are never more fascinating than when he describes the subtle arts of documentary photography: how to overcome the deep suspicion American gun owners have of liberal/left wing media types, and get them to sit for a portrait. How overhearing hipster conversations in Hackney coffee shops inspired a best-selling book of portraits. How he turned an arduous schedule of mainstream magazine commissions into a ground-breaking book on the global beauty industry.

Midnight Family - Interview with Director Luke Lorentzen

"The Ochoas invited me to join them for a night of work, and in that first night, really, I just saw an immediate film. I saw just such a clear tension between this family needing to make a living and these patients that needed care. The way that money determined a lot of decisions was really complicated and gut-wrenching, and I was just curious to keep exploring that and to get to know this family. They were so unusual to me.’

Bearpark community boxing gym run by an ex-criminal Gary Crooks, is a haven for local youths

Gary grew up with little education in a time of severe austerity, and spent his childhood stealing food an coal to stay warm and fed. Over the years this escalated into a life of crime, and was given two prison sentences for violent crimes against the person.

A man who dresses geisha, Japan's oldest fish market, and an anti war photographer

In a lesser known Kyoto, a modern Japan mixes with a more traditional way of life. Kyoto Stories are a currently-in-production trilogy of unexpected tales of modern life in the ancient capital of Japan.

At The Unity Gym Durham, Paul Hubba is raising thousands for charity through white collar boxing

Paul grew up with a reputation as a fighter more outside of the ring than in, and worked an honest job as a supermarket security guard. Paul's intentions were always good, but it wasn't until he found the Unity Gym and became a boxing coach that he really started having an impact on peoples lives.

Glen's story is a remarkable tale of recovery through amateur boxing

Glen had a difficult start in life. Growing up with very few positive role models, he fell in with a bad crowd and quickly turned to a life of drugs and crime. Inevitably, Glen spent the first few adult years of his life in prison.

London Edinburgh London is the greatest amateur endurance race in the world, held once every four years

In the summer of 2013 MadeGood.films followed six cyclists on a remarkable feat of endurance, from the heart of London all the way along the length of Britain to Edinburgh, and back again in under five days.

Stewart Lee on The Art of Repair with Hackney artisans Riley Upholsterers, JC Motors and TJ Electrics

Narrated by comedian Stewart Lee, The Art of Repair celebrates the everyday heroes of the sometimes forgotten East End trades person.

Hundreds of bicycle repair video tutorials

MadeGood.bikes is the most comprehensive resource of bicycle maintenance repair video tutorials on the web. Each bike repair video is accompanied by clear and concise, step by step written instructions and large images. If your a novice or an expert looking to fix your bike, you're guaranteed to find assistance at MadeGood.bikes.

November 2019