Replace A Bike Dropout


The gear hanger, or bike dropout is a small tab of metal on the drive side of the bike near where the rear wheel is anchored in the frame. It is easily bent in a crash. If the frame is made of aluminium it's not possible to bend it back safely. To avoid writing-off a whole frame in a minor fall aluminium frames for derailer bikes have gear hangers that can be detached and replaced.

Step 1

Detach Wheel - Replace A Bike Dropout

Detach Wheel

Remove the back wheel.

Step 2

Unscrew - Replace A Bike Dropout


Unscrew the rear derailer from the bike dropout. It may be easier to dismount the gear-cable before you do this.

Step 3

Remove Bolts - Replace A Bike Dropout

Remove Bolts

Unscrew the bolt, or bolts, that hold the bike dropout to the frame.

Step 4

Type Of Bike Dropout - Replace A Bike Dropout

Type Of Bike Dropout

There are many different shapes of replacement hanger so you need to keep the old one for reference. A good place to start is the shop where you bought the bike, or a dealer who sells the same brand of bikes. It’s also helpful if you know the year, make and model of your frame.

Step 5

Replace - Replace A Bike Dropout


Once you have a replacement bike dropout bolt it on in the same position.

Step 6

Re-mount Derailer - Replace A Bike Dropout

Re-mount Derailer

Screw the rear derailer into the bike dropout.

Step 7

 - Replace A Bike Dropout

Remount the gear cable.

Step 8

 - Replace A Bike Dropout

Replace the rear wheel in the bike.