Open A Bike’s V-Brake


It's simple to open a V-brake to remove a wheel or dismount the cable.

Step 1

Close The v-brake - Open A Bike’s V-Brake

Close The v-brake

Pull the v-brake ‘ON’ hard using the lever. Clamp the arms of the v-brake together with one hand.

Step 2

Unhook The Noodle-pipe - Open A Bike’s V-Brake

Unhook The Noodle-pipe

Pull the noodle pipe away from the cable anchor point. Unhook the cable from the slot in the noodle carrier on the v-brake.

Pro Tip

If the cable is too tight to do this easily, unclamp the inner-cable and set the system up with the inner-cable a couple of millimetres slacker. Use the barrel adjuster to take up this slack. It’s then possible to release the noodle easily by screwing the barrel adjuster back down before following the instructions above.

Pro Tip

On many systems it’s also possible to dismount the cable from the lever by lining up the slots in the lever body, the barrel adjuster and the lock ring, then unhooking the nipple from it’s carrier.