Mount A Screw On Bike Freewheel


When fitting a screw-on freewheel to a hub you don’t need tools as the sprockets lock with the freewheel body in the clockwise direction.

Step 1

Grease The Threads - Mount A Screw On Bike Freewheel

Grease The Threads

The bike freewheel is likely to get wound on tight in use so greasing the threads is essential to stop it getting locked too tight.

Step 2

Take Care - Mount A Screw On Bike Freewheel

Take Care

Match the two threads carefully as the threads on the hub shell are soft and easily damaged by the steel of the bike freewheel. Make sure it goes on straight. If you’re not sure use a key to unscrew the bike freewheel then start again.

Pro Tip

There’s no need to tighten the bike freewheel on the hub as the power of the rider will finish the job the first time they go hard up a hill.

Step 3

Replace - Mount A Screw On Bike Freewheel


Put the wheel back in the bike.