Mount A Bike Cassette


The freehub body has a set of splines that allow the bike cassette to grip and turn the freehub. The cassette slides on to these and is held in place by a lock-ring.

Step 1

Spline Pattern - Mount A Bike Cassette

Spline Pattern

Look at the pattern of the splines on the freehub. One is narrower than all the rest.

Step 2

Bike Cassette Pattern - Mount A Bike Cassette

Bike Cassette Pattern

Look at the matching pattern on the back of the largest cog.

Step 3

Line Up, Slide On - Mount A Bike Cassette

Line Up, Slide On

Line up the patterns and slide the bike cassette onto the hub. If the cassette is new you can slide it directly off the plastic packaging onto the hub. If it’s been used before, or is already loose, you may have to line up each piece in turn. Take care to keep any spacers in the right order. The cogs go on in order of decreasing size.

Step 4

Lock-ring - Mount A Bike Cassette


Screw the threads on the outside of the lock-ring clockwise into the freehub body.

Step 5

Secure Key - Mount A Bike Cassette

Secure Key

Screw the quick-release nut onto the skewer to secure the tool

Step 6

Lock - Mount A Bike Cassette


When tightening the lock-ring you don’t need a chain-whip, going this way the freehub mechanism works on your side. Hold the wheel still and screw the lock-ring in. Use an adjustable spanner to lock it tight.

Step 7

Remove Tool - Mount A Bike Cassette

Remove Tool

Unscrew nut, remove tool, replace conical spring and replace nut.