Lubricate A Bike Freewheel


An old style bike freewheel can be lubricated easily.

Step 1

Spot the entry point - Lubricate A Bike Freewheel

Spot the entry point

Take the wheel off the bike and lay it down drive side up. Spin the cogs anti-clockwise, identify the circular line between the spinning cog or cogs and static element of the bike freewheel.

Step 2

Lubricate bike freewheel - Lubricate A Bike Freewheel

Lubricate bike freewheel

Drip a few drops of lubricant along the gap between the spinning and still elements of the bike freewheel. Gravity will help them flow into the bike freewheel mechanism.

Step 3

Replace - Lubricate A Bike Freewheel


Replace the wheel back onto the bike.