Dismount A Bike Tyre


A bike tyre unmounts by getting the tyre bead off its seat and down into the 'well' of the rim, the part of the rim nearest the centre of the wheel.

Step 1

Deflate - Dismount A Bike Tyre


Find the valve, make sure the tube is fully deflated and remove the lock-ring (if any).

Step 2

Unseat the bike tyre - Dismount A Bike Tyre

Unseat the bike tyre

Pinch the bike tyre to unstick it from the rim and let the bead fall into the well of the rim.

Step 3

Bike tyre Levers - Dismount A Bike Tyre

Bike tyre Levers

tyre levers have two hooks. Across one end is a hook to go under the bike tyre bead. Near the other end is a notch to hook onto a spoke. Metal levers last for ever but may damage fancy rims if used carelessly. Plastic levers tend to break, keep your hands over them when levering so that if they do break nothing will fly off and hit you in the eye.

Step 4

Hook The Bead - Dismount A Bike Tyre

Hook The Bead

Position a lever next to a spoke. Push it down between the rim and the bike tyre to a position where it will hook the rim when rotated downwards. Push another lever in close by. Carefully push them both down together. Hook one onto a spoke.

Step 5

Work The Free Lever - Dismount A Bike Tyre

Work The Free Lever

Rotate the other lever up, keep forcing it down to stay under the bike tyre. Use a thumb open a gap between the rim and the tyre and push the lever a few millimetres away from the fixed lever. Rotate the lever down to lift more bead over the rim.

Step 6

Repeat - Dismount A Bike Tyre


Repeat the previous step moving the lever a few millimetres each time. Take care to keep the active lever under the bead. If it pops out you may have to start again.

Step 7

Unzip - Dismount A Bike Tyre


Repeat the action with the unlocked lever until the bead can be ‘unzipped’ by sliding the active lever round the rim. Leave one bike tyre bead on the rim and pull out the tube. Leave the valve in the rim.