Dismount A Bike Pedal


Bike pedal axles are usually made of steel. They thread into crank arms that are usually made of aluminium. They are threaded so that any friction in the pedal bearings tends to wind them on tighter. If they've been ridden for some time they may be hard to remove.

Pro Tip

The right bike pedal is screwed on with a standard right-hand thread. The left pedal is on a counter-thread, a left-hand thread. To loosen the left pedal you need to turn the axle clockwise.

Step 1

Bike Pedal Key - Dismount A Bike Pedal

Bike Pedal Key

Most bike pedals have 15mm flats on the inside of the axle between the pedal body and the crank. A pedal key is a long spanner, thin enough to go into this space with open 15mm jaws.

Step 2

7 Or 8mm Socket - Dismount A Bike Pedal

7 Or 8mm Socket

If the bike pedal axle has no flats it may have a socket for a hexagonal key in it’s inside end. Some pedals have both flats and a socket.

Step 3

Wheels On The Ground - Dismount A Bike Pedal

Wheels On The Ground

Put the bike on the ground. Put a foot on the pedal to stop it coming up as you pull up on the key. If the pedals have flats and sockets it’s quicker to unscrew them via the sockets once you’ve used the power of the pedal key to unlock them.