Close A Bike’s V-Brake


It is easy to close a v-brake after re-attaching a wheel

Step 1

Checks - Close A Bike’s V-Brake


Check the outer-cable is seated in the lever, all stops and the noodle-pipe.

Step 2

Partially close the v-brake - Close A Bike’s V-Brake

Partially close the v-brake

Use the noodle-pipe to pull the arm the inner-cable is clamped in towards you and ‘ON’.

Step 3

fully close the v-brake - Close A Bike’s V-Brake

fully close the v-brake

Push the arm with the noodle-pipe carrier away from you and ‘ON’.

Step 4

Place pipe - Close A Bike’s V-Brake

Place pipe

Slip the inner-cable into it’s slot in the noodle-pipe carrier and allow the return springs to pull the end of the pipe into the carrier.

Step 5

Apply the v-brake - Close A Bike’s V-Brake

Apply the v-brake

Pull the v-brake ‘ON’ to make sure the noodle is seated.

Step 6

Check - Close A Bike’s V-Brake


Apply the v-brakes and spin the wheel to check the v-brake works, and doesn't stick in the closed position or rub on the wheel rim. To make the test more difficult, close the v-brake by pulling on the lever as hard as you can, and release slowly.