Check The Cranks On A Bike


Modern bikes usually have cranks made of aluminium, they are mounted on an axle made of harder material, usually steel. If there's any play between the cranks and the crank axle the soft aluminium will soon get worn to the point where it's impossible to lock the cranks. If the cranks are loose don't ride the bike.

Step 1

Set cranks - Check The Cranks On A Bike

Set cranks

With the bike on the ground set the cranks horizontal with the pedals at 3 and 9 o’clock.

Step 2

Check cranks - Check The Cranks On A Bike

Check cranks

Press down on both pedals, then lift both pedals. If the cranks move independently of each other they are loose and must be tightened before the bike is ridden.

Pro Tip

Riding a bike – even a short distance – with a loose crank may do damage that can only be repaired by replacing expensive parts.