MadeGood.TV is a daily selection of our favourite short documentaries

We’re creating a place to promote creative and original film making. Other than being a short form documentary, there aren’t any particular rules that define the films we picks. We tend to stay away from branded content choose films we think are interesting and exciting, but in the end it usually comes to personal taste. As film makers ourselves we’re constantly searching for new films online, so one of the best things about this blog is an excuse to hunt for inspiration. Our picks for the blog are a mixture of films we’ve found ourselves, and films that our viewers have sent us. We only started MadeGood.TV in 2018 so we’re still new, but our social media accounts are growing quickly. Submissions are currently free, so head over to the submissions page and send us your film!

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Frequently Asked Quesitons

Q – Do all submissions get accepted?
A – Unfortunately not. We want to keep the standard as high as possible, so we only pick the films that we think are the best. However we know that getting your film out there is tough, and we want to help you as best we can. We might be a little more lenient with selecting films that have been submitted to us vs films that we find ourselves.

Q – How long do I have to wait for a response?
A – Turn around is quick. 7 days maximum, but usually much quicker.

Q – Can I submit any film?
A – No unfortunately not. is an online screening platform for short documentaries only.

Q – Can I submit a film already online?
A – Yes, is not exclusive. If it meets the submission requirements and we like it, it qualifies. Having said that, we do give preference to premieres.

Q – What if my film is not yet finished?
A – No problem. Please send us a link to a production version and remember to include any passwords. You might also want to tell us what will change before it’s release, and when you expect it to be finished.

Q – How will promote my film?
A – If your film is selected, we will include it on our daily blog on our website, and promote it on our social media channels.

Q – Can I get a refund?
A – Submissions are free. So, no.

Q – Can I get feedback?
A – No unfortunately not. We will simply inform you of whether you film has been accepted or not.