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Bearpark | MadeGood.films

Bearpark is an ex-colliery town in Durham England that was badly effected by the miners strikes, and the ultimate demise of coal mining in England in the 1980's and 1990's. Gary grew up with little education in a time of severe austerity, and spent his childhood stealing food an coal to stay warm ... read on ›

Bearpark - Paul's Story | MadeGood.films

Paul grew up with a reputation as a fighter more outside of the ring than in, and worked an honest job as a supermarket security guard. Much like Gary, Paul's intentions were always good, but it wasn't until he found the Unity Gym and became a boxing coach that he really started having an impact on ... read on ›

Bearpark - Glen's Story | MadeGood.films

Glen had a difficult start in life. Growing up with very few positive role models, he fell in with a bad crowd and quickly turned to a life of drugs and crime. Inevitably, Glen spent the first few adult years of his life in prison. read on ›

Kyoto Stories | MadeGood.films

In a lesser known Kyoto, a modern Japan mixes with a more traditional way of life. Kyoto Stories are a currently-in-production trilogy of unexpected tales of modern life in the ancient capital of Japan. read on ›

Kyoto Stories - Tuna Auction | MadeGood.films

Kyoto’s Tambaguchi fish market is Japan’s oldest, and 100 years ago would have been served by trains travelling the length of the country to bring the finest fish to Japan’s aristocracy. Today Kyoto is still known for it’s high class restaurants and fine fish, but lorries have replaced the ... read on ›

London Edinburgh London | MadeGood.films

In the summer of 2013 MadeGood.films followed six cyclists on a remarkable feat of endurance, that took them from the heart of London all the way along the length of Britain to Edinburgh, and back again in under five days. Travelling a little over 1400km, a distance many multiple times further than ... read on ›

V&A Museum - Values of Design | MadeGood.films

The V&A Gallery approached MadeGood Films to produce an exhibition piece entitled Show & Tell, in which participants talk about what objects mean to them, for the new Values of Design exhibition in Shenzhen. Filmed on location in London and Shenzhen, and currently on display in Shenzhen. read on ›

The Art of Repair | MadeGood.films

The Art of Repair is the debut short from MadeGood.films. Winning the Prodigy Auteur Prize at the Amsterdam Film Festival, and playing at the Denver Film Festival in Colorado, the East End Film Festival in London and the Portobello Film Festival. Narrated by comedian Stewart Lee, The Art of Repair ... read on ›

Bicycle Myth-Busting with Mike Burrows | MadeGood.films

Mike Burrows is considered by many to be the doyen of British bike designers. Key to his success is a willingness to break the mould and challenge tradition in order to improve his craft. His nonconformist approach has brought a number of innovations which have redefined standards in cycle design. read on ›

Bicycle Workshop Stories | MadeGood.films

The London Bike Kitchen is based on an American concept that teaches it's customers to fix their own bikes. Jenni Gwiazdowski is a Californian cycle-entrepreneur who moved to London during a pivotal time in Hackney's most recent cycling revolution, and immediately spotted an opportunity to provide a ... read on ›

MadeGood.bikes | MadeGood.films

MadeGood.bikes is the most comprehensive resource of bicycle maintenance repair video tutorials on the web. Each bike repair video is accompanied by clear and concise, step by step written instructions and large images. If your a novice or an expert looking to fix your bike, you're guaranteed to find assistance at MadeGood.bikes. read on ›