Worskhop Stories: Bikefix

Bikefix in London’s West End is possibly London’s most well respected cycle workshop. Famed for being the cyclists last resort, bikefix pride themselves on having the skills to do the jobs the big shops can’t. An unlikely mix of homegrown talent, frame builders from Brompton and strong links with the best bicycle designers in the world, Stuart Dennison’s has assembled a world leading team of bicycle engineers.

Not content with selling ever more triangular shaped bicycles, Stuart is a pioneer of the recumbent cycling movement. Why ride laid back bicycles? Well apparently, says Stuart, it’s not because of the practical advantages (of which there are many), it’s because ‘riding a laid back bicycle is just a lot of fun’. Working closely with olympic gold medal bicycle designer Mike Burrows, bikefix also sell the hugely popular ‘8-freight’ cargo bike.


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