Workshop Stories: The Bicycle Academy

‘It’s not always that world champions are taught by world champions’, that’s Andrew’s mantra and with The Bicycle Academy, he’s certainly proving it to be true. The last decade or so has seen the art of bespoke frame building almost completely removed from the commercial market altogether, making way for cheaper, bland, but nevertheless very high quality, machine built frames. For many cyclists riding a bike is about the experience, and if the popularity of this course is anything to go by, that experience starts before the bike has even been built.

Although originally Andrew’s idea, the success of The Bicycle Academy is reliant on a special partnership. Brian Curtis founded Curtis bikes in 1972, but has bicycle design is in his blood and has been frame building since long before then. Andrew combines the technical skills of the ‘Grand Master’, along with his own unique, newcomers perspective, and a passion and flair for teaching. Follow this story of revolution in bespoke, hand built bicycles.


  1. John
    Posted 02 Sep 2015 at 09:28:51 pm | Permalink

    Is the bike building a course? If so, what is the availability of the course and how long does it last for ? Interested to try, life long bike mechanic, cyclist and engineer. Looks terrific fun !!

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