The Rhino Guardians

4th January 2019 by Will Stewart

In 2016 I travelled to South Africa to visit The Black Mambas – the worlds first all female anti-poaching unit operating in the Balule Game Reserve in South Africa. Coming from disadvantaged communities and breaking strong patriarchal tradition, these courageous women focus on eliminating illegal wildlife trade through conservation, education and the protection of wildlife, helping to ensure the long term survival of threatened and endangered species in the area. Each day they patrol up to 20km, unarmed, looking for poachers, wire-snares, and break-ins along the fence line. Their lives are at constant risk from poachers and the dangerous wildlife they protect.

It is their belief that the war on poaching will not be won with guns and bullets, but through education within their local communities.

Made by

Directed - Dan Sadgrove Producer: Nadine Brown DOP: Jason Hearn Sound Mixer: Mike Nyembe Music: Hanan Townshend Sound Design: Morgan Johnson Color: Houmam


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