Collection – Call it in the Ring

A collection of real life stories from the make believe world of professional wrestling.

Make Them Believe – Filmsupply Presents

24th April 2018 by Will Stewart

There are lots of things I like about this film. I like how our protagonist, whilst still young, grew up in an era in Russia where America was still a just a place in the movies and on TV. I like the way he brings his childhood dreams into wrestling character. Aside from the fascinating story of the the main characters, there film crew also manage to capture some great actuality. I like way we get to see the on-stage wrestling alter egos, and also their real personalities backstage. Something we don’t often get to see.

Made by

Directed - Taimi Arvidson
Cinematography - Nick Midwig
Edited - Andrew Hassell
Composer - Brendan Canty
Producer - Taimi Arvidson
Producer - Zamir Gotta
Assistant Camera - Nicholas Huynh
Sound Recordist - Michael Barkovskiy


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